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PLEASE NOTE:  The Animal Lovers League has no connection with the City of Glen Cove or the Glen Cove Animal Shelter.

UPDATE:  April 17, 2016 -  All but one of the hoarder cats have been placed (one, sadly, was euthanized due to a terminal illness). Huge thanks to all the kind people who found room in their hearts and homes so these felines could have the love they deserve


The Animal Lovers League is sheltering 57 cats and 3 kittens as a result of an animal cruelty seizure.  Nassau County has given us a building at Mitchel Field Sports Complex to house them.  We are treating their inflamed eyes (from the fumes in the house in which they were residing), de-fleaing and de-worming them.  Within about a week they will be ready for adoption.  They are beautiful cats...many young and mostly orange and white with orange spots.  Very sweet felines in need of a home immediately.  Please help, we need donations for medical care, testing, spay-neuter, vaccination and food. They will be totally ready to be great house pets when we have finished, but we need you to help . Contact us at:


Our administrative office is located at :                    

27 The Plaza, Suite B1. Locust Valley NY, 11560

The Animal Lovers League is alive and well and doing what we do best, advocating for animal. but no longer in Glen Cove.  Our board resisted an attempt by the city to place seven unnamed persons on our board, and we remain the same dedicated not-for-profit charitable organization we have been for over 20 years with our reputation and dedication intact.   
As “Operation Central”, our new venue will enable us to continue the outreach programs we have offered for over 20 years, including our creative and interactive humane education program taught by a state-and-nationally-certified humane educator. We were happy to help the Nassau County Animal Crimes Unit once again with a hoarder case, and will always be willing to assist in the fight against animal cruelty.  We are partnering with other groups in our efforts to spay and neuter free-roaming felines to help reduce the overwhelming numbers of homeless cats on Long Island. Our online Behavior Help Line will help prevent the surrender of pets to shelters by intervening before problems become too discouraging to pet parents.
Our spirit and passion to help animals still burns brightly, and we love having the animal-friendly community of  Locust Valley as our headquarters to explore new avenues of animal welfare and continue our work on Long Island.


Our outreach programs are designed to help prevent the numbers of animals entering shelters.  Our Behavior Help Line provides valuable assistance to solve many of the problems that result in the surrender of a pet.  We assist in foster care and the spay-neuter of feral cats (over 16,000 altered), sparkling and interactive humane education sessions with our NYS and Nationally-Certified Humane Educator,  career-guidance speaking program aimed toward careers in animal welfare, and collaboration with and support of programs dedicated to preventing animal cruelty.  Your donations will enable us to save more pups and kitties who would otherwise be euthanized or suffer terribly from untreated conditions.  Every little bit makes a difference to the pets we help.  Please click the donate button below  to make a secure credit card donation. 

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