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Thank you for helping with our Paws for Cause event.
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Be the voice for the voiceless

Thank you for visiting us at Animal Lovers League.

We offer a wealth of information in how you can help animals in need. Find details on how to volunteer, get setup to foster or adopt an animal and give them their forever home.

We pledge to always do our best and provide assistance to any animal in need. Our goal is to provide help for those that cannot ask for it and educate others on the importance of responsible animal ownership. We hope you spend some time to read our animal rescue literature, enjoy some amazing, heart touching success stories and get active in your own community.

Intake Exam

Typically costs around $50 for initial intake evaluation, vaccinations, deworming, general preventative.

General Care

Can amount to over $600 for one puppy for 8 weeks. This includes housing, cleaning feeding etc...


Will cost around $400 for basic exams, spay / neuter, diagnostic testing, x-rays if needed.


This does not include any costs associated with special care. Some intake animals may have an injury that needs treated or need surgery, this can costs in the thousands.

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million companion animals enter animal shelters every year.
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million shelter animals are adopted each year.
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animals deserve a voice, Volunteer today to help them be heard.

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