A lot of time we may need help in training that new puppy and it is times like this that we should look for the assistance of a dog training professional. Here we list out some tips on how to find the perfect trainer for your family.

1)  First off, make sure they have a good recommendation. You may start your search for a trainer with by asking your vet. Since you already have a relationship with your vet, there is a good chance they will point you in the right direction.
2) Once you have identified a potential trainer, ask about thier experience. How long have they been in the profession, do they specialize or have expereince with the type of dog you have. i.e. if you have a Mastif and the trainer has never had experience with larger dogs it may not be a good fit.
3) A genuine love of and devotion to dogs.
4) Make sure the trainer has up to date knowledge. A professional trainer should take ongoing training for themselves to continly improve thier techniques and learn new methods.by taking animal behaviour courses.
5) Lastly and most improtant is to make sure the training methodology and handling skills match your personal beliefs and are routines you will continue to enforce.

By following these 5 simple steps you will be on track to find the perfect trainer that will be a perfect fit for your family.