Here in the Northeast it gets COLD during the winter months. Even though mother nature is telling us to stay inside, our fur babies often still need exercise. I have put together some tips for having a safe and warm walk with your dog during the cold months of winter.

  1. Plan Head – check not only the temperature but also the Windchill to find the best of day to take your walk.
  2. Listen to Your Dog – Your dog will assist you in knowing it is time to go back in. Look for signs such as whining, licking or lifting of their paws excessively, and shivering.
  3. Keep the Walk Short – Again pay attention to the body language of your dog to help determine the time of the walk.
  4. Wipe Paws – After a walk during the winter it is important to wipe the paws of your dog. This will remove ice melt chemicals and salt from your dogs paws.
  5. Moisturize – Use a skin conditioner that is safe for pets to prevent their paws from drying out. There is also a products specifically formulated for paws called paw wax.


By implementing these tips in your winter dog walk routine you should be able to have fun and safe walks with your dog all winter long.

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