New Year’s Eve can be exciting time. I always look forward to thinking of the potential and opportunities that lie ahead of us in the new year. Of course the highlight of New Year’s Eve comes right when the clock strikes 12 midnight. THis is typically celebrated with maybe a kiss to a loved one, saying / screaming Happ New Year and around my parts Fireworks!

This last tradition is concerning to a lot of pet owners as fireworks can cause anxiety in pets. Here are some ways to help keep your pet calm during the New Year celebration this year.

1. Lots of exercise earlier in the day. This will help your pet be tired by the time of the celebration and will help relieve some anxiety.

2. If you are concerned your pet could have anxiety, keep your pet inside during the fireworks celebration.

3. If keeping your pet at home and it will be by itself, give it a safe place to retreat. For dogs or cats, often their crate is a great place and will provide them with comfort from the unusual noises until you return.

4. If you take your pets to the celebration with you, remember to make sure they are wearing an ID / are microchipped in case they do get separated from you.

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