One of the best ways to help animals in need is to Volunteer your time to a rescue in your local area.

We know from experience that there is never enough hands to meet the needs of everything a rescue organization needs. Your help will be greatly appreciated by the rescue staff and the animals you are helping. 

Help A Pet

There are lots of opportunities for volunteers to help. Below are some common in demand needs.

Dog Walking

Provide exercise and socialization for the dogs in care and waiting on their forever home. 

Animal Bathing
Volunteers can assist to keep the animals clean at the shelter by giving them baths.

Donate your time to keep the animals groomed including combing and nail clipping as needed.

Shy Animal Program

Some animals are fearful and anxious and will need time around people to learn to trust and and not be stressed. Depending upon your experience this may be a great opportunity to help an animal in need.

Feeding / Cleaning

As the name implies, we all need to eat, right!

Got A

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